Marathon AVR

Marathon electric paralleling module APM 2000E


The APM 2000 Paralleling Module (part number 9 1473 00 100) is designed for use with the Basler APR63-5, APR125-5, and XR2002 voltage regulators. The APM 2000 is designed for the standard paralleling schemes, known as reactive droop compensation and reactive differential compensation. An externally connected unit/parallel mode switch (S1)prevents unwanted voltage droop caused by the regulator's working on the generator output and not on the bus load.
The APM 2000 operates in conjunction with an external parallel current transformer. The APM 2000 then provides the droop signal necessary to two or more generators to share reactive loads and reduce circulating currents between them.
The voltage regulator and Paralleling Module must be connected into the generating system as shown in the Interconnection diagrams.
CT Input
Nominal Rating: 1 Aac or 5 Aac
1 A Input: 0.7 to 1.0 Aac
5 A Input: 3.5 to 5.0 Aac
Burden: 5 VA
Generator Voltage Drop
5% for 0.8 power factor load at 70% of nominal CT current rating
UL Recognition

Standard 508, file number E75380
CSA Recognition
Standard CAN/CSA-C22.2, number 14-M91
CSA file number LR23131
Operating: -55 to 70?C(-67 to 158?F)
Storage: -65 to 85?C(-85 to 185?F)
590 g(1.3 lb)

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